The Big 10?

So I noticed that over at MMO-C they update their 4.2 patch notes and the eight unique pets was changed to ten. I immediately headed over to the petopia forums and this is what I found. Meet Karkin and Skarr, two new non-spirit beast and non-exotic pets.

Karkin is an very cool looking crab who is haning out on a floating island near Fireplume peak (close to where you find Skitterflame).

If you get close to his platform he’ll start shooting fireballs at you that do about 15K damage.

One hunter who tamed him was able to toss an ice trap onto his island and then tame him from much further out than should be allowed.

It’s not clear if that’s how he’s meant to be tamed or if it’s a bug and we’re supposed to execute a tricky jump and land on his platform as is the case with the next pet.

Skarr is a cat; an awesome cat. This model first appeared in WotLK and many a hunter have waited for the day that it would be a tameable skin. Well my friends, that day has come.

So how do you get him? Well first you need to execute a tricky jump from Skitterflame’s island.

If you survive the jump, he’ll start attacking you immediately. At first he doesn’t hit very hard, but he’ll start stacking a buff that will make him hit like a truck.

All in all these are two very nice additions, and I’m very excited about Skarr. I’ve wanted a cat that looked like that for a long time.

Good Hunting!


  1. Oh yeah, THESE are the ones I will skip sleeptime for while trying to find and tame them, instead of the first 8 I was crying my eyeballs out for.

    But Robotlike pets? Does this mean we can expect Gnome Hunters in the near future?! They now cannot deny their existence anymore! 😀

  2. They don't use their wooparse spell until tame is used. So the key is:
    1. tame (and he launches big hitter fire attack)
    2. wait for half a cast of the big attack then Silence him.
    3. immediately hit Tame again and endure the minor fire attack. You can make a /cast Deterrence, /cast Tame Pet macro if you have low health. Elixer of Speed helps.

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