Hunter Changes Incoming

A new build is being deployed to the PTR today and it includes some more hunter changes.
So both Wild Quiver and Black Arrow are buffs, and we like buffs. I’m not sure how big a boost the buff to Wild Quiver will be. My hunch is that it will not offset the nerf to Careful Aim, and it probably won’t be big enough so that it’s worth stacking more mastery. I’m not a theorycrafter so I could be way off on this.

Black Arrow is a very nice and much needed buff for Survival. If you were one of those hunters that was sometimes using Explosive Trap over Black Arrow, well this will certainly make that undesirable. Black Arrow needed a buff, and I’ll be curious to see how this affects the dps balance between the specs.

The change to the scope is interesting in that Flintlocke was actually a Warrior and not a Hunter. Not much to say other than that.

Regarding the food change, I’ll be curious to see just how big it makes the pet. Kibler’s Bits is an a TBC recipe that drops from the cooking dailies in Shattrath. You can easily get the mats from the various buzzards in Hellfire Peninsula.

Anyway, those our the changes appearing on the PTR, I’ll be curious to see how other people react to the Wild Quiver and Black Arrow changes.

How about you, what are your thoughts?