I Found It

I was running ZA on my second hunter. We defeated two of the bosses within the time limit, and what should drop from the second timed chest? Yep, it was the Recovered Cloak of Frostheim.

Being the only physical dps class on the run I promptly entered a need roll, and then this happened.

The tank decided to blackmail me into getting the cloak.

I guess he wasn’t aware that I work with Frost on a weekly basis, and that I was almost willing to pay him 200G to keep it. But alas, I’m trying to gear this guy to raid in Fireflands and the cloak was indeed a nice upgrade. I also have a bit of flea problem and usually run with a shaman who makes me smell like wet dog every time he casts healing rain, so anything that would make me appear uncommonly good looking is a good thing.

So, despite wanting my money, he remembered that I am the co-gm with the /gkick command at my disposal.

Order is restored

I suppose I should get this autographed now. Good Grief!

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  1. Gratz!
    Good to see one of you guys got it finally.
    I'm sure frosts wrists are a little more itchy today 🙂

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