From Yawning to Fawning

A reader named Oricc alerted me to this awesome data mined nugget from the ptr. It’s a gun, a PvE gun that comes in both normal and heroic versions. No word on where it comes from, but given that there are two versions you can surely bet that it’s a Firelands raid drop. At last a weapon truly worth of the Flintlocke’s Woodchucker.


  1. It will never be BoE…if it is will cost a gagillion gold. I will probably never ever see one ….sigh

  2. @Omogon – I didn't notice they were listed as BoE. That could mean a couple of things.

    1) It's a trash drop from Firelands (although Blizz. doesn't typically do heroic versions of trash drops).

    2) The items haven't been finalized. These were data mined after all.

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