In Ten Minutes or Less

It’s mount week here at the Brew Hall, and for our first installment I’m going to show you how to get the Time-Lost Proto-Drake in 10 minutes or less. Here we go.

Now the first thing you need to do is find the Time-Lost Proto-Drake hunting manual, bring it to a fire mage and have them incinerate it. I never do anything by the book. Case in point, according to the manual –

“Flying around is clearly the worst way in regards to actually scoring this kill. No matter how good your path may be, you don’t know which of the four it can spawn from and you don’t know which direction it went. It is entirely possible even four people can be out flying around and just miss it by a few yards out of sight.”

Yeah, here at the Brew Hall we don’t wait for anything to come to us. Why have a beer maiden bring my ale when I can just pony up right next to the keg? Right then, so what you’re going to do is locate the beasts various flight paths and get to flying. Now remember to use your Track Dragonkin ability, and of course the NPC_Scan addon. If you’re doing it right the addon should detect the beast in short order. Now for the attack.

Once again, according to the manual –

“The Time-Lost Proto-Drake is not a challenging fight, and should be easily soloable by all clasess. However, having some Snowfall Lager on hand is highly recommended. Since it often flies out of reach of most attacks, this will allow you to attack it in the air to initiate combat, and then use the lager to avoid falling to your death after you dismount.”

Okay, first of all, while I heartily endorse drinking while hunting, or doing anything else for that matter, Snowfall Lager is about as weak as they come. Everyone knows that any game worth hunting requires a real drink, a dwarf’s drink. And we all know what that is – Darkbrew Lager. You may fall fast, but with enough Darkbrew Lager in you, you won’t feel a thing when you hit the ground. Trust me I know.

Anywho, if you’re doing it right there won’t be any falling involved. Just fly up to the beast and grab its attention. When it’s good and angry, just fly to the nearest mountain top, dismount and show him what’s for.

What can I say, I’ve had crazy kinds of luck with finding some of Azeroth’s rare creatures with little or no camping involved, and this one was no exception. The “manual” as it were came from this article on wowpedia.

Good Hunting!

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