I’m Yawning, I’m Yawning Some More, And


No, that’s not me suffering from narcosleepy, it’s my reaction to the new gun that popped up on the PTR yesterday; the Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher. It’s purple, it’s made by Engineers, it has a cool name, and flavor text (“Turns your target into Alterac Swiss!”). So far so good. It’s also item level 365, expensive to make, and inferior to the weapons that will drop from the Firelands raid.

That said, I’m collecting the mats for it, I’ll try and get the schematic and make the gun as soon as I can, I’ll use it in Firelands, and I’ll put a Woodchucker on it. Heck I might even name it, and then I’ll promptly replace it with a weapon like The Crossbow of Erupting Fury, which will probably drop off one of the early bosses.

So for the moment it looks as if guns have once again been relegated to pre-raid and PvP status, and probably the obligatory tanking drop.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be excited about this gun, but when I have guild members running around with these, well I need to muster every ounce of DPS I can to keep up. This thing just won’t cut it.

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