That’s a Wrap

That’s it, I’m done with Wrath. I said my goodbye to Northrend and returned to the Eastern Kingdoms to aid in the fight against Deathwing. My journey ended with one last tour of some old places.

First was one final log ride to venture bay.

Next a final stop at Amberpine Lodge to use the outhouse.

Onto Howling Fjord to catch the boat that brought me to Northrend two years ago.

We arrived at the newly renovated Menethil Harbor. I find that the name Menethil is not nearly as ominous as it once was.

A quick trip to Ironforge and some R&R with the widow Balloo 😉

This is Mr. Balloo by the way. I helped build a statue of him once. It was nice. I’m not sure where it is now though.

Okay kids, see you in Cataclysm. I’m outta here!