Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 59

This week Frostheim and Darkbrew talk about the Patch 4.03a, what’s in it and what’s not, and what’ in it for Hunters (hit: get ready to fill those stables up again). We also do chat room Q&A. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Darkbrew, just listened to the episode and heard the sad news that you will miss launch day due to some real life vacation. What nonsense! Seriously though, I heard you say your hoping to get a good rest bonus built up. If you want to get that then you will have to login to your toon at some point on or after the 7th. Even if you leave your plant your toon in a city or inn prior to release, you will not start accruing rest until you've logged onto the character at least once post launch. This is how they did it for the past 2 expansions and I can't see them changing that now. So if you personally can't login, find someone you trust with your account info and get them to do it for you. Or you will be sad.

    JC/Akela (80 Draenei Hunter, Stormrage-US)

  2. @Akela – Thanks for listening and thanks for the heads up about the rest bonus. I had a feeling that's how it might work.

    Although there might be a chance that w/the digital download it could be different since my account is already flagged as having the expansion.

    Oh well, I'll just have to play catch up then, not a huge deal.

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