That Ain’t Yogi

One of my beta friends sent me this screen shot of a very disgusting and very tameable bear found in the Hillsbrad Foothills. The thing looks like it bit into a 1,000 year old picnic basket. Yuck!

Update: I read on the petopia pet forums that it loses the spidery egg sacs after you tame it.


  1. thats all very nice but any info on the Ulduar Swarming Guardian wll they be tamable
    its a cat with that cool skin off Blackmaw the one that is Andurg Slatechest pet in stormpeaks

  2. @Kyeema – Blackmaw is currently being reported as untameable in the beta and I have not heard anything about Ulduar. I do know that some of the spiders from Naxxramas are now tameable.

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