Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 45

Believe it or not, this is the one year anniversary episode of the Hunting Party. We didn’t notice until after we’d finished the show (although we discussed it last episode). To commemorate this occasion one of our listeners wrote this awesome haiku:

Three sixty-five days
Let’s rock out with our Rhoks out!
Elite skilled Hunters

Why a haiku? Well, listen to the show to hear the whole story, but essentially, haikus are the best method for me to get a beta key. However, if this is the level of haiku the Wow community is producing, then I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Anyways, aside from haikus, this week, we discuss the massive amount of hunter changes from the latest beta build. We also do chat room Q&A and listener e-mail.

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  1. Can't get over the notion of not rhyming so here's my version of a WoW themed poem to help you out.

    "Wide eyed, white knuckles;
    Warsong defense, knees buckle;
    Flare, scare beast… chuckle."

  2. Another one that only hunters would pickup.

    Darkbrew and Frostheim
    Two noble dwarvern hunters
    OutDps Rip.

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