Dead is Dead

My first trip to the Frozen Throne was back in March with my 10-man team. My second trip was in May, this time with my 25-man team. Both journeys ended not in defeat, but rather in retreat. For various reason both the 10-man and 25-man teams disbanded before defeating the Lich King. In fact both teams failed to put in more than one night’s worth of work on him.

Fortunately I regrouped, and last week my new 10-man team entered Icecrown Citadel and proceeded to obliterate the place. Only Sindragosa and the Lich King gave us any sort of trouble, but in the end we were victorious. I can now visit the fountain in Dalaran and watch the video with a sense that I participated in making those events happen.

I still hope to go back and defeat Arthas in 25-man, but dead is dead and I’m happy to have my Kingslayer title. I’ll be switching it back to Brewmaster soon though 😉 .

The king is dead and I need a beer.

Happy Hunting!



    my guilds having the same kind of problem…not enough attendance, but hopefully we'll have the bugger down soon

  2. Congrats on the kill!

    I just got my first kill this weekend after having attendance issues for a couple months. Feels nice to finally get it.

  3. @Jasyla – grats on your LK kill. I see you go it on 25-man. Very nice. Good luck with the hard modes.

  4. Very nice and congratulations! From one Kingslayer to another, I think this is one fight where skill plus a little bit of luck really helps out. It's an interesting fight and one that I'm not looking forward to running back and trying again =P

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