Things We’re Not Writing About

We’re busy today. Application deadline is looming and we’ve got a lot of coding to do. Therefore we’re not going to write about last night’s ICC (10) Sindragosa attempts.

We’re not going to write about how nice it was to see our raid leader playing a ranged toon instead of a tank.

We’re not going to write about how we enjoyed watching him fail at Icy Grip/Blistering Cold after chastising us about it a couple of nights earlier.

We’re not going to write about how he busted our chops for failing to remove stacks of Mystic Buffet and then couldn’t get them off himself.

And we’re definitely not going to write about how he probably helped us turn a corner with strategy and that we expect to get her down next time we go back in.

Would’ve been a fun post though.

2 Comments on “Things We’re Not Writing About”

  1. Have you ever considered writing in first person? I am of the opinion it would make your blog much more readable.
    Our 10 man got Sindragosa for the first time last night. Strange encounter in that when it came together it just seemed so smooth and easy. The numerous wipes prior would say otherwise.

  2. I like to try different things with my writing. In fact the majority of stuff I've written has been first person. It's only recently that I've gone the "we" route. I'm not sure I like it either.

    Regarding Sindragosa, I think our 10-man team is really close. Our best attempt had her at 15% and the last phase was going smooth; until it fell apart anyway.

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