When in Ironforge…

Last night our guild was a little short for ICC (25) so we decided to do a TotC (25) bring your mains, alts. anything goes kind of run. We pugged a Hunter and Warlock from another guild.

There’s an old saying that says when in Ironforge don’t mess with the kegs. When we got to faction champs there was some disagreement on the part of the pugs over the designated kill order. The pugs thought we should kill all the healers first. Not only did they disagree with our strategy, they failed to followed it.

If you’re invited to pug in another guild’s run you’re a guest and need to play by their rules and follow their strats; even if it’s going to get you killed, or worse lead to a wipe. Feel free to contribute to the strategy, but don’t be a jerk about it, and never deviate from the strategy once the encounter is engaged.

Whether you’ve killed the Lich King, almost killed the Lich King, or have braved the deeps of the Fargo Deep Mine, it doesn’t matter; it’s not your run. It’s only going to lead to you getting kicked out of the raid, which is what happened to our pugs.

And if you get kicked out of a raid you can’t get any loot (which is presumably why you’re there). ‘Bout dang time!

PS – Regarding our strategy? It was epic fail of course 😉