MMQB: A Hunter Looks at 80

I’m back from vacation.  Nothing like going from white sand to white snow.  All in all it was a great vacation and I managed to sneak some WoW time in as well; including an unexpected TotC (25) run.  I thought I was going to miss two TotC (25) runs due to vacation; I didn’t.  Lucky for me too, as I got an upgrade in each run.

Patch 3.3 still looks like it will hit tomorrow.  If it does I don’t think I’ll be raiding ICC on Tuesday.  Definitely by the weekend though.  A lot depends on what guild tag I have.  No matter what I think I’m ready.

Enough about this past week.  What I really want to dwell on in this week’s MMQB is what I was doing a year ago this day.

It was one year ago today that I hit level 80 on Darkbrew.  While certainly not the first to hit 80 (lol), I was among the first wave of players to reach the level cap on my realm.

It was the start of Act II of my journey to Northrend.  I continued to do quests, but my focus turned to heroics and putting together a gear set for Naxxramas.  I missed out on a lot of Burning Crusade content and didn’t want that same thing to happen with WotLK.  Well 50 days later (that’s my /played for level 80 🙁 ) I seem poised to meet my goals.

With the release of patch 3.3 tomorrow (presumably) I find it fitting that the final act of my journey should start one year later.  Ready or not Arthas, here we come!

Ten Things I Remember About Hitting 80

Looking at the screenshot, here are some things I noticed about turning 80.
  1. I was BM spec and leveling with a gorilla.  Remember Volley + Thunderstomp?
  2. I still had several pieces of level 70 gear that were not replaced while leveling,
    1. Surestrike Goggles V2
    2. Trollbane (probably the last axe I ever had).
    3. Guantlets of Rapidity (the last piece of 70 gear I would replace).

  3. I had more gold than what I started with when the expansion was released.
  4. I have way less gold than that now.
  5. I ran my first heroic (Utgarde Keep) shortly after turning 80.
  6. I replaced Hemet’s Trophy Gun with a Nesingwary 4000.
  7. I began working on Argent Crusade reputation trying to get my Polished Regimental Hauberk.
  8. At the time I had no aspirations of running 25-man content.
  9. My UI was very basic.  I wasn’t using nearly as may mods as I am now.
  10. All of the heroic gear was actually worth getting.

P.S. In case I didn’t explain before, MMQB stands for Monday Morning Quarterback.

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