Eight Simple Rules: #8 Attitude

Attitude. In the end we as a guild want to have fun, progress, see end game content and not fight about this person or that person, not fight about loot and who got it and who didn’t. Be *respectful* to the other players. If a problem arises, please don’t lose your temper, talk to one of the officers and if a decision has to be made it will be promptly. This isn’t a baby sitting club. We’re all here to enjoy the game, see new things and get new loot, not just you. We will try to do this fairly.

First of all to the one or two of you who have been waiting for me to continue my Eight Simple Rules series I apologize for the long delay (/sarcasm off).  Part of the reason for the delay is I’ve been very busy at work, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing the game, it’s football season, and I’m having a blast with the Hunting Party Podcast.

Enough with the lame excuses and onto the conclusion.  Yes I’m skipping rules six and seven because in this 3.2 (and soon to be 3.3) world they don’t really mean as much.  Rule six was about having appropriate gear, which as we all know is insanely easy to get.  Rule seven was about putting gems and enchants on your gear.  You can see my thoughts on that in my post Gems and Enchants and Why They Matter.

In episode seven of The Hunting Party we interviewed Munken from Ensidia.  He said that a big part of their success is that everyone in the guild has the same goal, and that is to down bosses.  If he has to play a support role or sit out of an encounter in order for the guild to succeed then he gladly does it.

No whining, fussing or crying, “Hey what about me?”  They take a team oriented approach and it works.

When I’m part of a successful encounter, and by successful I mean the boss goes down, I survived and was a high contributer, I’m happy.  If I get an upgrade great, if it goes to another guildie, I say “Gratz” (unless it’s a ranged weapon and then I say, “I hope you shoot your eye out!”)

Usually I get to go, but sometimes I have to sit out or wait on standby.  I’m okay with all of this because I’m playing with my friends.

If you start focusing on your personal achievements or find yourself staring at loot tables, you’re setting yourself up for failure and all the drama that ensues.  Be patient, focus on getting an instance on farm, and loot and rewards will come naturally.

Now a gun, a gun, my kingdom for a gun (even a bow or xbow will do at this point).

Happy Hunting!