Eight Simple Rules: #5 Ventrilo and AddOns

Today I’m going to continue with my Eight Simple rules series, as I present to you rule #5 – Ventrilo and Addons.  We require all raid members to use Ventrilo during raids.  We also require that all raid members have certain addons installed, as well as require some role specific addons.


All members need to have Ventrilo installed and properly configured before the raid.  The reason for this should be obvious.  Being able to verbally communicate during a boss encounter is huge.  This is a tool for raid leaders to bark out instructions and throw a conniption fit when things go wrong.

During an encounter you should try to keep Vent. clear, allowing the raid leader and other designated personnel to direct the action.  There is no need to call out for heals if you’re not a tank.  The raid also does not need to hear things like “Sorry I couldn’t get the heal off in time.”  Your target is dead.  The raid already knows you couldn’t get the heal off.

If you die you do not need to begin explaining why you died or what you did wrong.  Wait until the encounter ends before you start the debriefing and finger pointing.

If your guild does not have Ventrilo then you should be using the in-game voice chat.  We like to use Vent. because the quality is so much better.

Required AddOns

On the must have list for all raid members are Omen Threat Meter and Deadly Boss Mods (DBM).  Our raid leader listed the reason for needing these mods as follows,

Omen:  Keeps track of how much threat you are generating. You need to stay BELOW the current tank so that you do not pull aggro and kill yourself and possibly the raid. A perfect example of this is the Patchwerk fight, in which tanks must stay in a certain order on threat and all melee must stay below the third tank.

DBM: We require all raiding personnel to have Deadly Boss Mods installed and running at the time of the raid. Certain fights become very difficult without it (Thaddius is a perfect example) It gives various warnings for each fight that you may be required to pay attention to.

In addition to Omen and DBM we ask our Paladins to have Pally Power and all classes that can cleanse need to have Decursive.

Pally Power: (Paladins only) This is for pallies to assign specific buffs during the raid.

Decursive: (Mages, Priests, any class that can decurse, remove disease, etc) This addon allows you to quickly click a button to remove curses, diseases and the like.

Raiding is a team effort and these encounters can have a lot going on at once.  Communication and awareness are critical to getting these bosses down.  Ventrilo and addons are tools that can help you get the job done.

Good Hunting!