Eight Simple Rules: #4 AFK’s Will Be Raid Wide

AFK’s will be raid wide and not on an individual basis. During each raid at specific times it will be called out to take a 5 min afk for the entire raid. There are to be no other afk’s (emergencies excluded) by individuals. The raid will not wait for an unscheduled afk. If you are caught afk when we move on or even start a boss fight, it will be started without you. If it happens more than once you will be removed from the raid and replaced. If it becomes a recurring theme with an individual, that person will not be invited back to raids. This is a very important rule, this allows the raid to run quickly, efficiently, and keeps everyone and everything on track. We will be able to maximize the 3 hours set out for raiding and everyone will be available for each and every fight. This includes running back when we wipe. Wiping is not a declaration for afk. If you die and it is a wipe, release, run back in and be ready to buff and go. Do not wait around for a rez, this wastes everyone’s time and you won’t be receiving it if everyone else is running back. If you have to have an afk for some reason, at the very least send the raid leader a tell as to why and how long.

Tell me if you’ve seen this before.  The raid leader has just gone through a lengthy explanation of the boss fight and issues the ready check.  Everyone responds but one person (a healer or tank of course).  The raid leader sends the player a tell and asks in Vent. if they’re there.  Nothing but silence.  Someone has taken a ninja AFK.

Unnecessary AFKs waste time.  They demonstrate a lack of focus, and can stifle momentum.  They are also contagious, once one person requests an AFK more usually follow.  Before you know it you’ve wasted 20 minutes waiting for people to return.  While this is happening flasks are burning, buffs are running out and people are getting antsy.

Instead of focusing on a boss attempt trains sets are out, paper zeppelins are flying, and battle-bots are fighting.  When everyone does return you then have to spend time rebuffing, and going over assignments again.

Breaks are a necessary and important part of raiding.  If you look at all major sports, there is usually a half-time where the players get a small break.  I’ve seen raiders work harder on an attempt knowing that there was a few minutes break ahead.

Running a twenty-five man raid is like herding cats.  Organizing your breaks and making them a scheduled part of the raid really help keep things focused and moving along.

Emergencies happen, and there are times when you need to take an unscheduled break.  When this happens you need to let your raid leader know that you need to go AFK.  You’re in your home and the raid leader is in their home.  You really can’t be stopped from going AFK.  The least you can do though is be courteous and let people know.  Remember you are part of a team.

Now I need to go /AFK to do some work.

Good Hunting!