It’s a Start

  • Hunters might be able to choose the talent tree of their pet to let them pick the pet that looks best to them…

One of the big gripes I have with the current pet system is that it locks pets into very specific rolls with very specific abilities.  As a result certain pets are coming out ahead and falling into a “best in slot” category.  For instance, almost every raiding hunter is running with a wolf.

If Blizzard wants hunters to be able to choose pets based on what the individual hunter thinks looks best, then they also need to allow the hunter to train specific abilities, such as Furious Howl, to the pet.

Being able to turn a turtle into a ferocity pet is nice, but unless you can train the turtle in Furious Howl, the wolf will still remain the top choice.

In patch 3.1 Blizzard removed Thunderstomp from gorillas and added it to the Tenacity talent tree allowing hunters to train any tenacity pet with that ability.  I loved that change as did most hunters.

A lot of us joked about how is it possible for a worm to Thunderstomp?  Yes the idea is silly and so is the idea of a crab learning Furious Howl, but you know what, it works.  I think we all have to recognize that this is a game, and certain elements have to be treated or accepted as such in order to provide a greater functionality to the players.

After all, we are hunters, the great beast masters.  We can train our pets to do anything.  Yes we’re just that good.

Now it’s off to see if I can train one of my cats to use the coffee maker.