Patch 3.2 Day One

Busy day today so here’s a quick list of some things I was able to once my realm came back up last night. Love having new stuff to do.

  1. Found out what it would be like if my realm was only available from 8:30 pm – Midnight.
  2. Went to the Jewelcrafting shop to get epic gems. I think we set a Guinness world record for the number people that could fit in there.
  3. Had a guildie come by and drop a train set in the Jewelcrafting shop.
  4. Bought two of the same jewelcrafting patterns thanks to massive lag.
  5. Enabled all my addons despite many of them not functioning.
  6. Bought the heirloom chest piece for my alt. hunter.
  7. Smiled at having an AH in Dalaran (I may not give up Eng. now).
  8. Ran the new 5-man instance in normal mode. Great place to bring a fresh 80 to get geared up.
  9. Tried to farm the Jeeves schematic. No luck yet.
  10. Threw a 10-man group together for the Trial of the Crusaders. Neck-humping Kobolds FTW!

One comment

  1. this sound very much like the day i could have had when my ***** pc wasn't broken. but soon!

    good luck with jeeves, i'm also looking forward to all those engineering stuff, especially the ah in dalaran 🙂

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