Epic Gems, What are You Waiting For?

Today’s post comes from the Procrastinator’s Anonymous division of the Azerothian Gem Institute, as I highlight all of the things I should have done before patch 3.2 was released (note: As I’m writing this it is not yet known if 3.2 is going to be released today, if not you still have time).

As I’m sure your aware epic gems have been added to the game. Now if you’re a jewelcrafting survival hunter like myself then your meta-gem is probably going to be DOA, and getting it active again is a priority.

The reason is that the Dragon’s eye gems are no longer prismatic. The Delicate Dragons Eye gems that I’m sporting are now red gems. The good news is they are +34 agility now.

The solution to my meta-gem issue will be the addition of a Nightmare Tear. This is as good as the best chest enchant, and one gem will keep my meta working. All of my other gems will be replaced with Delicate Cardinal Rubys.

So how do we get all those gem replacements? The epic gems can be purchased with Emblems of Heroism. The Red, Blue, and Yellow gems cost 20 badges and the Purple, Green, and Orange gems cost 10 badges.

You can get epic gems from prospecting Titanium and you can also find them inside an Icy Prism.

One thing to keep in mind is that Emblems of Heroism will no longer drop in heroics. The only way to get these badges is to convert Emblems of Conquest to Emblems of Valor, and then convert your Emblems of Valor to Heroism. If you’re like me, I’ll be wanting to use my Emblems of Conquest for gear and not gems. Hopefully you have an ample supply of badges to get the raw gems you need. I’ll need about 120 badges to upgrade my existing gems.

Additionally, I’ll need to buy the epic recipes to make my new gems. These can be purchased in Dalaran by spending the tokens earned from the Jewelcrafting daily quest. The recipes can be purchased for around four tokens each. To get the recipes I need for myself it’ll cost nine tokens (two recipes and one Dragons Eye).

There you go, upgrading my gems is just one of the many things I’ll be doing on patch day.