So You Wanna Be a Gnome Hunter?

You are uncommonly good looking. You know what is the best pet for the DPS. You despise the other support classes and question whether they’re truly needed as you take down Drov the Ruiner, Tectus and Oregorger by yourself. Your bank is filled with ranged weapons of every variety. Your stable is loaded with the most awesome companions from every corner of Azeroth and beyond. Yet, despite all of this, you find that your life as a Hunter is incomplete.

Maybe you have a soft spot for the little guy, or just enjoy the plight of the underdog? Perhaps you want to experience the thrill of knowing your companions can swallow you whole or trample you underfoot?

For 11 years, you’ve been told that you’re too short for this ride, but no more because in Legion you’ll finally get to be a Gnome Hunter.

Of course, Hunters are so awesome that they’ve been playing as gnomes for years now, this will just make it more official. A great move on Blizzard’s part as Hunters can now be played by every race in the game.