Hunter’s Rhok!

Frostheim is at it again folks. Not satisfied with two great Hunter songs, he and Balthazar are teaming up to produce and entire hunter album. Now there is a little bit of a catch here thought. In order to pull this off he needs the help of you – the greatest class community in all of Azeroth. If you’ve listened to the first two hunter songs then you know what a talented musician Balthazar is. And you see that’s the problem. When he’s writing hunter songs it means he’s turning down paid jobs.

So what Frostheim and Balthazar have done is start a Kickstarter project to make this happen. Check out the site for the details on how it works, but it basically involves you contributing money towards the project (at no risk), and if they get enough the project moves forward. In fact, as of this writing I think there are enough contributions to guarantee at least one new song. So give it a look and let’s make this album happen!