Gems and Enchants Matter Redux

The other day I wrote about a hunter we had to bench in part because he was missing a lot of enchants on his gear. I’ve written about this before, but even I forget how to use the search button every now and then, so I’m doing it again. The bottom line is gems and enchants matter.

Here is quick look at my theoretical dps with and without gems and enchants. Take away the gems and enchants and we’re looking at a 4.3K dps loss right there.

But to look at another way, everyone likes loot right? If you were to take the stats from all of those gems and enchants and turn them into a piece of gear, it would look something like this.

This lager is now the ultimate power in Azeroth! I  suggest we use it.

Gems and enchants are easy to come by and just require some helpful friends or a bit of gold. If you’re a raider there’s no excuse for not having them on your gear. It’s the easiest DPS you can get.

Good Hunting!


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