How to Get Benched

Okay, when there are 28 people looking for 25 spots, and there are four hunters in raid all capable of placing in the top five dps on any encounter, you have two green quality gems, four un-enchanted items, and your item level is 364 and you barely beat the tank on Shannox the night before, guess what? You get benched.

We’re not a hard core progression guild, but we’re not a bunch of lollygaggers either. The 25-man is our main run, and we only go two nights a week. We need everyone to be at their best. 

Prepping gear is easy an only takes a small investment of time and gold. By ignoring these things you’re gimping your dps, the raid’s dps, and you’re getting carried, and in our guild, benched.

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  1. We had a guildie hunter who refused to enchant the best enchants, gem the best gems, or even reforge anything at all. He ran around way over hit cap, not enough haste, wasted Mastery that could have been crit instead. His guild note (which he put) said PRO, he constantly claimed his "leetness", and his girlfriend made it a point to tell me specifically that he could out dps me any day.

    Well, needless to say he is no longer in the guild. Sad thing was he had potential, but just wouldn't listen to anyone on how to play his class. Regardless of any actual evidence.

    sad. tragic. a waste.

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