What is this Evil Sorcery?

I was reading the comments in today’s Shatter Shots column and a lot of people were noting that the wowhead link to the Lava Bore Blunderbuss was pointing to the Lava Bolt Crossbow. So I went and looked and as of right now the item that was Lava Bore Blunderbuss has indeed been changed to the Lava Bolt Crossbow. It should be noted that the MMO-C database reflects this change as well. In other words, this is in fact what’s coming out of the data-mined information.

This has to be a mistake; an egregious mistake. The Lava Bolt Crossbow has the exact same stats as the Arbalest of Erupting Fury. It seems odd that Blizzard would have two identical PvE crossbows.

Hopefully someone just made an error when updating the database to add icons, art, etc. I really hope that the PvE gun didn’t go away. Stay tuned.


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