Say It A’int So

My mother once said, “Never trust a person whose primary language is Binary.” Boy was she right. Patch 4.2 is only a couple of days into the testing process, and already “the jerks” (as BRK fondly calls them) have come out of the woodwork to rain on our T12 set bonus parade.
Every time we get a new tier set we have to compare what we lose from the old one with what we’re gaining from the new one. Obviously the stats on the new set will always be better. The question is will the bump in stats and the new set bonus be greater than the old set bonus. Here’s what “the jerks” are thinking,
  • T12 normal is better than T11 normal.
  • T11 heroic is better than T12 heroic.

Remember I’m not a theory crafter. I tend be more like Onymas (our podcast guest from episode 74); I read what the theory crafters have to say and then find out what works best for me. In other words I’ve done absolutely no math on this whatsoever.

I also must stress that we are only couple of days into the PTR process and set bonuses have a tendency to change. Remember, our current T11 4-set bonus is not the original bonus.

Still, it’s never a good sign when the old tier outshines the new tier. More investigation is needed, and I’ll be reaching out to one surly dwarf, who can’t seem to find his cloak, and see what’s really up.