Patch Day Madness

Patch 4.1 is here. I’m not going to do a full recap of the hunter changes. I sort of did it here and I’ve talked about it to death on the Hunting Party Podcast. If you want the full scoop listen to episode 78 or hit up one of the other hunter blogs. I recommend the WHU myself.

What I am going to talk about is what this patch means for me. In addition to Darkbrew I currently have two other hunters, one is 85 and the other is 84 and both have way fewer pets than they should.

Once the patch hits I’m going on a glorious taming spree grabbing all kinds of fantastic pets while reveling in the fact they won’t need leveling. Sweet nirvana indeed.

Of course I’ll be getting them both sporebats, but next on my list is this beauty of a cat. If you want to see all of the pet changes coming in the patch head over to Petopia.

Good Hunting!

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