Cho’gall Down

Our guild cleared Bastion of Twilight last night defeating Cho’gall (10). For this first kill we went with two healers and a ranged heavy group, bringing four ranged DPS. After enduring a couple of 5-6% wipes we finally prevailed.
I’m not going to get into a full blown strategy here, but I will give you my hunter perspective for this fight. For a good write-up on Cho’gall I recommend this post over at Marks-365.

Mind Control

In 10-man Cho’gall will randomly MC two players who need to be broken out of the MC. To make it easier to break people out we had our raid stack behind the boss. Cho’gall ignores our minimum range so feel free to stack with the group so that you can be broken out of the MC if you’re afflicted.

For breaking people out, Scatter Shot and Wyvern Sting both work, and if you’re Marksman Silencing Shot will work as well.

Honestly, there are better classes suited to free people from the MC, but we can come through in a pinch. Also, I view Wyvern Sting as a measure of last resort and try to avoid having to use it. Remember we’re not trying to kill people here (even the ones we don’t like).


In Phase One there are two types of adds. The big adds called Corrupting Adherents and the little adds called Blood of the Old God. The big adds are nothing special, just dps them down and move out of the Corrupting Crash. It’s the little guys that are the real concern.

I chose to spec. Survival with two points in Entrapment. This gives our Ice trap and Snake Trap  and additional stun component which buys the group some worry free AoE time. Marksman with two points in Concussive Barrage can achieve a similar effect.

Once the traps are deployed and the adds are up I just use Multi-Shot to AoE them down. I also use Concussive Shot to slow any strays. A few things to keep in mind with the adds.

  • Since we’re tossing out so many traps the Glyph of Trap Launcher is very useful. You might find that the Glyph of Ice Trap comes in handy too.
  • Monitor your focus and make sure you have enough to AoE the adds with Multi-shot.
  • If you get MC’d as the adds are coming out they won’t trigger your traps. Be sure to let the raid know if this happens.

Phase Two

In phase two tentacle adds called Darkened Creations will spawn around Cho’gall. DPS the adds and try to get the raid to focus fire on them. As Cho’gall’s health drops and you close in on the kill you’ll be tempted to ignore the adds and focus on him; don’t do this you’ll end up wiping.

Additionally, these adds need to be interrupted, but again there are better classes suited for this, so our main job here is dps.

So that’s basically it. He’s really not that bad a fight and I look forward to facing in 25-man now.

Good Hunting!


  1. I find that screen shot some what disturbing!

    Congrats on the kill Dark, did you substitute out your feral druid loving co-host for the kill? *cough Euripweakestlinkides cough* 🙂

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