What a Difference a Zone Makes

I started my adventure and am now level 82. Just as I thought I’ve replaced every piece of gear that I had with the exception of my BoA cloak (which is good until 85) and my trinkets.

Things weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they might be. It took a little longer to kill things, but as I got more and more rewards things became much easier.
So how does my character look a few quests later?

Here is where I started at 80.

Here is where I’m at with a whole new set of quest gear, and a couple of levels higher.

And here is my other level 80 hunter, still in his ICC gear.

Lots of stamina on the new gear, eh? I went from 14K health to 43K. While I don’t necessarily need that much, my pet is sure happy about it.

I really like what Blizzard did with the gear, the quests and everything. If you’re a fresh 80 in sub Tier 7 gear you can easily quest and level in the starting zones. The green quest rewards are on a similar level to Tier 10 so within a few hours you can completely replace all of your gear and be competitive in starting dungeons.

Okay back to killing Naga and Murlocs.

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  1. Congrats on leveling another hunter. I take it you only leveled your pain to 85. I would really like to hear how leveling goes for you.

    It makes you wonder how faster it would go leveling out of wrath not having all that gear our mains had going into cata.

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