This is Gonna Hurt

I dinged 80 last night on my third hunter. Yeah you read right, third hunter. You see I wanted to play a Worgen and well I was too cheap to do a race change on my second hunter, and… Okay, who am I kidding, I still really enjoy playing a hunter, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I rolled another at some point.

So anyway, I’m 80 and ready to do the Cataclysm content again. While this is exciting I realized today that Eddiemunster isn’t nearly the 80 that Darkbrew was. In fact he’s not nearly the 80 that Ranchero (my second hunter) is, and Ranchero isn’t nearly the 80 that Darkbrew was.

Unlike Darkbrew, this hunter is a fresh 80 loaded with quest gear and heirloom items that have gone from awesome to teh suxors in one ding. The entire WotLK expansion was based around being level 80 and by the end we were on our fourth tier of gear. It’s safe to say that the gear on my newest hunter is well below the level of the first tier of 80 gear.

Here are Eddie’s stats in his current gear set.

Now compare them to Ranchero’s stats. Ranch is in mostly 251-264 gear.

As you can see everything is pretty much cut in half, if not lower. Health, dps, attack power, haste, and look at the difference in hit and crit. Good grief!

Luckily the quest rewards will get me up to speed pretty quick; and every one of them will be an upgrade. My leatherworking is also at a point where I can start making Cata. recipes, so I’ll be able to fill in a few holes there.

Still though, this first zone is really gonna hurt.