Point Taken

I’ve been leveling a Worgen hunter this past week. Yes, this is my third hunter. He’s level 58 and now in Outlands. By the way Outlands is now the the most dated content in the game.
Between guild perks and heirloom items, the leveling has been extremely fast. My progression has been,
  1. Worgen starting area.
  2. Darkshore
  3. Northern Stranglethorn
  4. Cape of Stranglethorn
  5. Thousand Needles
  6. Tanaris
  7. Un’Goro
  8. Blasted Lands

There were several zones that I wanted to quest in, but I outpaced them and decided to move on to more level appropriate zones. 

Now, when I was wrapping up Un’Goro I ran across a quest that turned me into a gorilla and had me go into a cave and speak to each type of gorilla. Keep in mind that I had completed some earlier quests that involved going in there and wiping them all out.
U’cha wasn’t on the list of gorillas to talk to, but I noticed that I could speak to him. Here’s what he had to say.
As much as we’d like to think of ourselves as heroes, in the end we’re all just mercenaries and hired guns. By the way, I find that the new quests range from “been there done that” to “best quest ever”.

If you’re looking for something to do in-game, I highly recommend you roll a hunter and level him up.