Vashj’ir it is!

No, this isn’t a post about which starting zone I’m doing first (although I’m close to changing my mind again and going with Vashj’ir).

Because Blizzard failed to contact me with their Cataclysm release plans I now have a vacation scheduled for the same week that the expansion launches. So, instead of leveling in Vahsj’ir, I’ll be swimming in places that look like Vashj’ir.

Enjoy the expansion release and be sure to tune into the Hunting Party Podcast on December 11th. Morynne of Marks-365 will be joining the gang. Also be on the lookout for Episode 61 of the podcast. It should be released before Tuesday and has lots of good information on things you can do to prepare for the Cataclysm launch (Pro Tip- going on vacation for a week isn’t one of them 😛 ).

See you in a week!

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