Before You Do That

One of my wife’s favorite pastimes is to give me lists of things to do. Right when I have things all planned out and am ready to begin she likes to toss in a “Before you do that”, and then give me a new list of things that I should do first. Sometimes she’ll even follow-up a “Before you do that” with another “Before you do that”.

Yesterday I talked about which starting zone I was going to do first (I’m still leaning towards Hyjal by the way). Well before I do that, I realized there are some “administrative” tasks that I should do before I start the journey to 85.
One of these tasks is to fly around and discover the entrances to some of the new dungeons in Cataclysm. Before you can queue for one of the new instances in the Dungeon Finder you will need to have discovered it by visiting its entrance.

The dungeons are designed for various levels so you don’t necessarily need to visit each and every one right away, but you probably want to at least locate Blackrock Caverns and Throne of the Tides. These are the two level 80 dungeons that you can start running immediately.

Because it’s underwater, Throne of the Tides might be a little tricky to get to, especially if you don’t have the sea horse mount. The other dungeon that you might not be able to get to right away is The Stonecore which is in Deepholm. This requires you to go through the Maelstrom and I don’t know if that’s possible without questing in Hyjal or Vashj’ir (don’t quote me on that though).

The other dungeons are located in Uldum and Twilight Highlands are all pretty straightforward to find, so it might be worth the time to fly to each one.

Here is an great video put together by the folks at Wowhead that show you the exact location of each dungeon. You can go here to read more about these dungeons.


  1. So wait, can we discover them now if they aren't in teh new zones? I wouldn't mind using some down time in these last few days to discover at least the BRD one.

  2. I don't think you do it before the expansion. I was merely suggesting it as an activity before you head the the starting zone and start leveling.

    I'll have to check if you can get to Blackrock Caverns now. I doubt it.

  3. Ah, ok. Thanks in any case, it's good advice. I suppose if we do this quickly, my "level in Vashj'ir for the dungeon" logic isn't valid anymore.

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