Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tiger

EDIT: Folks over at Petopia are reporting that the Tol’vir Prowlers found in the Lost City of Tol’vir instance are now tameable as beta build 13277 (published after I made this post).

This is the new tiger model coming in Cataclysm. It’s a cat, not a rare, nothing special, just your plain run of the mill scratch your eyes out, maul you to death cat. But as my podcasting partner Frostheim likes to say – however semi-comma colon, there’s a catch; a big one at that.

The tiger is found in a phased area of the game. Specifically they’re located all over Neferset City in Uldum (they’re also in the Halls of Origination Lost City of Tol’vir instance, but the ones there cannot be tamed). There is a long quest chain that culminates in you helping to take over the city. The tigers are  found at the beginning of the chain. When you complete the chain your phase changes and the tigers are gone. What complicates things even more is that these guys are level 85, so you need to be max level to tame one, and it’s possible that you might not be level 85 when you start this series of quests.

If you have your sights set on taming one of these beauties in Cataclysm you’ll need to do a little planning or you might find yourself phased out.


  1. um. Darkbrew…..that would be "semi-colon – however – comma" as in "I like this; however, it may not be my favorite."

    That model/skin is very very nice…but isn;t it very similar to the ZG Tiger skins?

  2. @quori – The Uldum Tiger is different from the ones found in ZG and other places. This model is a variation on the Cursed Offspring of Har'koa found in Zuld'Drak. Note the hunched stance and the glowing eyes.

    Oh, and yes it would be “semi-colon – however – comma” if I weren't trying to poke fun at him 😛

  3. Thank you very much for the heads up on that one. I will have to make sure I do not start that chain until I am 85 so I can get one. That is a nice looking cat.

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