Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 50

This week the Hunting Party Podcast turn 50! That’s right the big Five-O (/cues Hawaii Five-O music). And while most folks were hoping that Danno would have booked us long ago, we’re still here and we’re looking forward to the next 50 episodes.

In this show we talk the latest round of hunter changes (anyone sense a theme here lately), do chat room Q&A, and read an awesome e-mail about base jumping (see video link below). Also be sure to stick around and listen to the end of the show. We tacked on some of our favorite clips from our very first episode.

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If you don’t do syndicated podcasts, and just want to download this week’s MP3 and play it on your player of choice, click here.

Finally here is the base jumping video that Warsaw sent us. Enjoy!

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