Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 49

The pet re-design finally hits the Cataclysm Beta and we talk all about in this episode. We’re also joined by Bella of the WHU to discuss the upcoming WHU hunter events. As always we do listener Q&A and e-mail.

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One comment

  1. I had to laugh in the middle of this, I'm still loving MM, although its kind of crazy when everything hits for about the same damage. Crits are 8-10k from Arcane, Chimera, Kill Command and Kill shot. Its hilarious. I'm using Chimera to heal myself if I take damage, from when my pet bugs after dismounting and has 6k HP and gets one shot rather than the usual 30k.

    I would really prefer Kill Command being used as our focus dump for all specs, and I'll tell you why… stacking at minimum range, at least we can do something then. I also really hope they get rid of the dead zone (between minimum range and melee) and give scatter shot back no minimum range.

    Oh yeah Dark…Deepholm is even more awesomesauce than Vashj'ir imo, as long as you use the portals and not try go through the actual way we will we Cata hits.

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