Guess What?

Yes, I’m in the beta! I have raids tonight and tomorrow, but I have a three day weekend so I should get lots of Cata. time in soon.

My first task will be to create a Worgen and see if they’ve been given the Snoopy Dance. If not that will be my first bug report.

Happy Hunting!


  1. Well grats Darkbrew!!! How did you get in? Was it another contest or did Blizzard finally show favor and let you in on their own accord?

  2. Wooooohooooo! Grats dark!

    Look me up when you get in and I can toss ya an invite into Wyrmfoe — get yer bonus xp for the leveling!

    So how did you finally get in? Win a contest? Kill a man from Jersey?

  3. For all of those asking, I did indeed win a contest. In fact it's still going on!

    I was completely unaware of it until Morynne of Marks-365 posted that she was in the beta. I posted a congratulatory comment on her blog, along w/some moaning about how I was still not in, and she pointed out this contest to me.

    I entered it yesterday and got very lucky!!

    Apparently they were given a whopping 1,000 beta keys and have been giving out 100 a day since 9/1. The contest ends on 9/9.

  4. That is fantastic Dark!!!

    First be careful importing characters. Give each all your gold and load them with crafted things and mats you'll need like lots of gems and enchants. My priest will need some int spell power gems please! Bring some exploding sheep to test Camo with and at least one spirit beast. I want to see if a Camo spirit beast will be even more invisible! We are on lost isles.

    If it's not broken, it's not beta.

  5. Heh, Darkbrew has nothing but spirit beasts in his stable, now.

    If you need me to, I can gold cap a character for you before you transfer over, although I dont know whether that will help much.

  6. Grats mate!

    I'd recommend leveling in Vash, that zone is so graphically awesome. Just watchout for the Whale Sharks…

  7. Lots of gold will help because there's a ring Frost found that you can buy and port to dalaran whenever you want and you'll want flight and stuff and a tundra mount. If you're a passenger can you Camo ? You can't mount but a passenger is different maybe. Besides it willlook great on darkbrew gold acheivements in armory.

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