Midsummer for Hunters

I didn’t think it was possible to make a holiday event focused on playing with fire suck, but then I tried the Midsummer’s festival. Travel to every zone in the game, find a bonfire and piss on it. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

Still if you insist on getting your achievements here are a couple of thoughts for hunters.

  1. Get pathfinding. Ten percent increased mount speed is a godsend here.
  2. When stealing the flames from the capital cities I found that popping deterrence bought me enough time to click on the bonfire and collect the quest item. The only resistance I met was in Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff, where I leaped off Spirit Rise to a glorious death (man I miss engineering). The other two cities were easy. Still though deterrence made a big difference for me.

Other than that I can’t think of anything else in the hunter toolbox that can make this any less of a grind.

Oh, one other note about the holiday. You can no longer buy the Midsummer outfit (which is needed for an achievement) and return it for a refund. That means if you want any of the pets you’ll probably need to do the dailies each day and visit every stinking fire in the game.


  1. I ran Kalimdor last night On 80 hunter and got a purple cloak off Ahune. Juggled some torches. Worst holiday ever. It's like Elders all over again except I'm being a jerk rather than visiting some old folks and brightening their day. Going to be a real joy doing this on my slower alts and non 80s 🙁

  2. The sad part about all this is I'm not even going to get my Violet Proto-drake for almost another year. Even after completing Midsummer I will have School of Hard Knocks left.

    By that time we should be deep into Cataclysm.

  3. I'm also finding out that this holiday along with RAF bonuses make leveling a piece of cake. I got from level 45 to 51 in a couple of hours of playing.

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