Naxxramas = Back in My Day Now?

Has everyone forgotten how to do Naxxramas? Rades over at Orcish Army Knife wrote about his misadventures on Instructor Razuvious, and last night I got my own taste of what it’s like to run with the new kids.

Seriously, I’m starting to get the “old man of the expansion” feel. I’m quickly becoming the “back in my day guy”.

Now I haven’t done any serious Naxx raiding in almost a year, but 24 combined Razuvious kills are enough to have ingrained in my head just how this fight works. No explanations needed.

I mean really, back in my day the MC tanks waited until Razuvious was out of range before they approached the pylons.

Back in my day the dps waited until one of the understudies had established threat on Razuvious before we unloaded on him. Yes, we had an over zealous hunter (not me) get capped right away because he didn’t realize the pull was borked. Hello, McFly!

Back in my day MC tanks used to coordinate switching on/off the boss so as not too risk having an understudy die. You see back then it was virtually impossible for a real tank to handle him so it was vital the understudies stayed alive. An ICC geared tank can last a little bit, but that’s not the recommended strategy for this fight.

Alas, we defeated him in one shot, but I can only imagine what things would’ve been like if we had to do Thaddius.

They say that buffs and gear can’t fix stupid. This is true, but what they can do is not punish your raid with a wipe. While this is great for getting the weekly done, or surviving an ICC encounter and moving on to the next boss, it’s not great for honing one’s raiding skills.

Ah well, we are heading towards the end of the expansion and soon we’ll be in a raiding blackout as Cataclysm arrives and the cycle starts over. I suppose there is something to be said for just getting things done.


  1. I did the 10m version just yesterday as well. Strangely enough I had to be the one to use the crystals because I had done it on my priest many times in early wrath. It was amazing to me when the RL said "who can do the MC?" and everyone just stood there looking at each other… the tanks didn't know how… not even the Spriest that was with us. Side note… your pet gets dismissed when you use the crystals.

  2. We have people on our current raid team who missed out on both Naxx and Ulduar. It's a bit scary. When I came to the guild, the stories were about Kara. Now I'm the old man regaling them with stories of botched Naxx pulls and crazy raid nights. So I can empathize here.

  3. Bwahaha! Yeah, after receiving poems from others that were pretty much solely about Frost's hairy arms, I tried to branch out a bit. Here's hoping it makes its way onto a podcast.


  4. We do the weekly as a wrap-up on our first night of the raiding week. So we do it as a 25man. Why are there no priests who know how to MC, armor, and taunt? It doesn't even need to be coordinated now given how well they can be healed and how fast Raz can go down. There's like one swap. But no. … people don't even know if they trained mind control.

  5. Wait, were you referring to "Darkbrew's Folly" that I wrote but didn't get posted? Or the one Frost posted? Because the ones Frost has posted aren't mine, they were just submitted to me.

  6. @arth – I was referring to "Darkbrew's Folly" which was posted on I'd like to post it here (it that's okay) along with the story about how it happened.

  7. Bitchin'! I didn't see it on outdps initially. Seeing as how we've, uh, never actually spoken, I'm glad you took it in stride. I should've known it would quickly spread from the WHUBBQ to the actual interwebs.

    And yeah, post away. 😉

  8. Even though Raz isn't a hard fight by any means, I still dislike it a lot because of its clunky feel. I think the biggest problem it presents to newer players who've leveled through Wrath is that it's not a vehicle – they keep looking for the big eject button and when they can't find it, they panic. Sure, hunters know how to click a pet portrait to dismiss a pet 🙁 but how would a tanking class know to do that? Again, it's not rocket science, but with Wrath's big vehicular push (HELLO OCULUS) I'm quite surprised they haven't turned the understudy controls into a vehicle.

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