MMQB: What Just Happened?

Howdy folks, another crazy week here, and I do mean crazy. I’m in a new guild. I didn’t plan to be in a new guild, but here I am. After weeks of spinning our wheels barely getting enough people to fill raids the guild leaders decided to shut the whole operation down, and a big fire sale is underway.

Before the vent meeting was over I was frantically scrambling to find a new home, not just for myself, but for the other solid raiders as well. Hmm, perhaps I should have volunteered to run the show? Nah, been there and done that.

I began putting out feelers starting with one of my podcasting partners in crime, Euripides (we play on the same realm). Turns out they were in need of some good raiders. So despite the fact they have an abundance of hunters, I jumped at the opportunity to join. From a progression standpoint they are at the same point where I am now, and they have a favorable raid schedule. Furthermore the goals of the guild are very much inline with my own. Note to self, write an article on personal goals for WoW and the art of networking. In short, this is a solid guild with a great history, and I’m happy to be a part of if. /sucking-up off.

Ten Things I Love and Hate About this Change

  1. I love the fact I was able to network and find a good home for myself and others.
  2. I hate that fact that things didn’t work out in my old guild. It was a solid raid team and I enjoyed it.
  3. I love that my new raid schedule is almost identical to my old one.
  4. I hate that my first raid might actually be Yogg (25). I hope our gear level makes this trivial as I’ve never done this fight before.
  5. I love that they use a points system where it won’t take forever to get vested.
  6. I hate that they have a lot of hunters and I might be benched some nights. My wife does not share this sentiment.
  7. I love that I’ll be able to get a few raids under my belt before going on vacation (assuming I’m not benched much, or haven’t been kicked out).
  8. I hate that I didn’t blow all my DKP on tier token when I had the chance.
  9. I love hate love hate love (I think he owes me some gold) that I’ll get a chance to raid along side Euripides.
  10. I hate that my Lich King loot fund (i.e., all my saved up DKP) is now worthless. Seriously I had the most DKP of anybody.

Well now I’m off to prepare a 500 word essay on why all current 25-man ICC groups should carry five hunters. Wish me luck!


  1. lol you should have faction changed

    But what I suggest is forming a 10 man group with your old guildies you get to raid with them and the the loot is nice if you can do a few of the hard modes if you can get them unlocked and you can pick up the tokens for your tier upgrades saving you points
    I suggest grabbing only 1 shaman to compete against you with the tokens
    items that are nice are heroic deathwhisper trinket and bow and hands
    also nice boots from festergut
    polearm from bloodprinces and the gun from blood queen
    and the neck from sindragosa

    all nice stuff and I bet you frost will be green with envy if you get the stakethrower heroic 😀

  2. I think this is a good thing. Beware of making inside jokes during the podcasts, that your listeners wont get.

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