With Cataclysm rumored to begin some type of testing later this month, we’re starting to get information on some of the hunter changes that might be coming. One of the more interesting ones is the addition of a new melee weapon for hunters – The Bull Whip!

“…In the same way that mana doesn’t seem quite appropriate for hunters we’re not exactly thrilled to see a lot of them running around with staves. Now we aren’t removing staves as a hunter weapon, but we are introducing the Bull Whip as a melee alternative. With the introduction of the Archeology profession, we thought this was the best choice for a new weapon.

It won’t be hunter only though. We’re quite pleased with the way the feral druid/hunter dynamic turned out with regards to staves and polearms, so druids will be able to equip the Bull Whip as well.

Leatherworks will be able to craft them, and they will also be drops from dungeons and quests as well. Also, later in the expansion we plan to introduce an epic quest chain similar to Quel’Delar. Hunters and Druids will be able to talk to Harrison Jones to start their quest for the ultimate Bull Whip – The Indy 500.”

I’ve always been a big Indiana Jones fan (the Crystal Skull movie not withstanding) so I’m excited to ditch my staff in favor of the bull whip. And what can be hotter than female night elves, blood elves and draenei running around with leather whips! I’m not sure I like the idea of sharing these with druids, but hey it’s all hunter loot anyway.


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