ICC Tips: Sindragosa’s Icy Grip

Our 10-man raid team is working on Sindragosa. The other night, I ran into some trouble with the Icy Grip/Blistering Cold mechanic. I can’t tell you how frustrating it was, especially since my issues began on the latter attempts.

Icy Grip/Blistering Cold is an annoying mechanic that needs to be handled consistently. Hunter’s have some good options at their disposal that not only help themselves, but can aid the raid (ooh, this could be my new mantra).

Icy Grip / Blistering Cold

Icy Grip – Extend tendrils of frigid wind to pull all nearby enemies to the caster (think Cyanigosa from Violet Hold).

Blistering Cold – Deals 30000 Frost damage to enemies within 25 yards (this is for 10-man normal, it only gets worse from here).

Every so often she’ll pull the raid to her using Icy Grip. You then have five seconds to get 25 yards away before she casts Blistering Cold and effectively one-shots you. There are a couple of ways that hunters can handle this.

Method One – Just Run Out

  1. This option requires that you simply not suck. You get pulled in, you turn around, and you run out. This worked just fine for me on many an attempt, but somewhere along the line it became less effective so I began to look for other options. Behold, method two.

Method Two – Disengage/Aspect of the Pack

  1. Believe it or not Sindragosa’s Frost Aura does not trigger the daze effect of our movement Aspects. Ka-Ching! When I get pulled in, I jump disengage to get some distance, and then pop Aspect of the Pack and run. Just remember to turn Aspect off as soon as she’s done casting. Obviously Cheetah will work, but why not help raid, eh?
  2. I’ve read that you if you disengage while she’s pulling you in you’ll drop to the ground, and may not have to run out as far. I’ve been too scared to risk a death, so I haven’t tried it yet.

Sadly, Deterrence does not work against Blistering Cold. I tried it and got crushed.

What sort of things do you like to do that make this mechanic and/or this encounter easier? I’d love to know.

Good Hunting!


  1. Wish I could add to this. Sindy's been kicking my guild's ass (the final Phase, at least…getting there is easy mode). I do Disengage though.

  2. Yea, I just disengage as soon as I notice the animation. Sometimes you still have to run out a bit, but I've never been hit by the Blistering Cold.

  3. Some other things I do for phase 3:

    -Deterrence while clearing mystic buffet stacks in phase 3 – this prevents damage from the aura (you have to stand in melee anyway, so you may as well not waste the healer's time/mana on you just so you can melee the tombs)

    -2 options with Chilled Debuff in phase 3
    1. Aggressive: start strafing & using instants so that autoshots don't go off – this is usually enough to clear it before it reaches 3 stacks (you don't even want 2 stacks in hard mode).

    2. Safe: Just kill the ice tombs (debuff won't stack)

  4. Aspect of the viper during the airphase has always served me well, we don't have a ret pally in my 10man =(

    And disengage during her pull is fantastic, if you catch it quick enough you don't get moved more than a few yards.

    In the last phase we have 2 spots picked for frost tombs to go down, they alternate which to go to, this eliminates the difficulty of running away from a single spot for the tomb.

  5. any spells that can normally clear movement impairing effects(HoF, shapeshifting,etc) along with abilities like aspect of the pack can help all raid members get out of blistering cold. another good strat to handle blistering cold is to have everyone run to gosa 5 seconds before she chains everyone(as soon as she chains you, you have 5 seconds to get out; so the closer are to her, the more time you have to run away)

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