Shiny Happy Trinkets Proccing

For whatever reason, Blizzard has decided to go proc happy in patch 3.3. Normally procs are the domain of trinkets, armor set bonuses and weapons, but now Blizzard has expanded that to other items, and they’ve even given us trinkets with multiple procs.

Hunters have a lot more cooking now than ever before. If you’re someone who likes to stack your buffs then it’s helpful to know exactly what is going off and when. There are lots of addOns that can help track things.

Today’s article is not about any specific addOn but rather about providing you with the information needed to configure those addOns.

My UI is always a work in progress.  I’m constantly rearranging things and trying new addOns.  Currently I’m using three separate addOns to track various buffs, procs, etc.

All of these addons allow you to track spells by name, but they also let you do it by spell ID.  As a database guy, I’m very fond of the ID concept since it guarantees uniqueness and ensures that your mod will track the exact ability you want.

The best way I’ve found to get spell ids is to go to, locate the ability and then look at the number in the url.  For example, here is the url for the Aim of the Iron Dwarves proc from Deathbringer’s Will.  The 71491 at the end of the address is the spell ID.

Here is a list of some of the procs and abilities that you might want to track in whatever addOns you’re using.  Please note that this is not a comprehensive list.  I’ve included most of the trinkets, haste, and damage abilities that hunters may wish to track.

When configuring your addOn you’ll want to reference either the Spell/Proc Name or the Spell ID. Again using the spell ID might yield better results as spell names are not always unique.

Good Hunting Tracking!

Item Spell/Proc Name Spell ID
Deathbringer’s Will Aim of the Iron Dwarves 71491 (N), 71559 (H)
Deathbringer’s Will Agility of the Vrykul 71485 (N), 71556 (H)
Deathbringer’s Will Power of the Taunka 71486 (N), 71558 (H)
Whispering Fanged Skull Icy Rage 71401 (N), 71541 (H)
T10 2-set Bonus Exploit Weakness 70728
T10 4-set Bonus Stinger 71007
Ashen Verdict Ring Frostforged Champion 72412
Death’s Verdict Paragon 67703 (N), 67772 (H)
Needle Encrusted Scorpion Fatal Flaws 71403
Grim Toll Grim Toll 60437
Herkuml War Token Rage of the Fallen 71396
Mark of Supremacy Rage 67695
Comet’s Trail Comet’s Trail 64772
Blood of the Old God Blood of the Old God 64790
Dark Matter Implosion 65024
Mjolnir Runestone Mjolnir Runestone 65019
Wrathstone Wrathstone 64800
Pyrite Infuser Pyrite Infusion 65014
Fury of the Five Flights Fury of the Five Flights 60314
Loatheb’s Shadow Loatheb’s Shadow 60439
Mirror of Truth Reflection of Torment 60065
Darkmoon Card: Greatness Greatness 60233
Rapid Fire Rapid Fire 3045
Quick Shots (Hawk buff) Quick Shots 6150
Heroism Heroism 32182
Bloodlust Bloodlust 2825
Culling the Herd Culling the Herd 52858 (R3), 61681 (R2), 61680 (R1)
Ferocious Inspiration Ferocious Inspiration 34460
Sanctified Retribution Sanctified Retribution 31869
Call of the Wild Call of the Wild 53434
N = Normal, H = Heroic

5 Comments on “Shiny Happy Trinkets Proccing”

  1. Even being the massive fan that I am of Power Auras, you're right that it doesn't do the greatest job for cooldown stacking purposes (though I love it for my t10 proc and Culling to refresh my serpent sting). And I tried SexyCooldowns, but wasn't really a fan. I'll definitely be trying Auracle. Thanks!

    An unfortunate number of ICC fights are still too frenetic for me to stack with any accuracy, though, so I've taken to leaving my wolf abilities on auto-cast a fair amount of the time, and only manually controlling them when the situation allows it.

  2. I just started using Auracle this week. It has a bit of a learning curve and you have to configure everything.

    I tend to respond well to icons/buttons w/timers on them, and this addOn lets me do just that.

    It also lets you configure it to track only the procs/buffs you're interested in. I'll probably do a post on this soon.

  3. I love your chart for a pure information perspective. So far, I've been using Powerauras to watch cooldowns, but finding it a pain to look up every upgrade, and its proc. Thanks for this

  4. […] Frost and Dark talk 3.3.3 changes and the twitter dev chat. They take questions from the chat room and talk trinkets and procs. The link to Dark’s post on trinket procs to configure addons shiny-happy-trinkets-proccing […]

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