MMQB: Starting Over

Happy Monday to you all.  I hope that everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend and a fun week in Azeroth.  This week’s theme is about starting over.  I joined a new guild, and I spent just about all my gold on a battered hilt.  I’m not sure which of these was the better choice.

First the new guild.  It’s a 25-man progression raiding guild.  We do four nights of ICC (25) from 8-11 pm server time; 70% attendance required.

Ultimately I think this is the right move for me given that I really want to progress through ICC (25).  I also want to be part of a team where everybody pulls their weight.  I think I’m getting that here, but we’ll see.

I have two good friends in the guild which was a big part of my decision to join.  Even though I have a regular raid spot, I once again find myself on the bottom of the totem poll.  They use DKP so I’m on the bottom in more ways than one.  It’s nothing that showing up for every raid and performing at a high level can’t fix, but It’s still a climb.

Now onto Quel’Delar. Although I have virtually no gold, I have no regrets about buying the battered hilt. The quest chain was a lot of fun, and I like the challenge of seeing how long it will take to recoup the gold (I bought it for 15K).

I’ve started selling gems on the AH and I’ve managed to recoup a small portion of the cost. This is good because I’ve convinced myself not to roll need on the hilt if I should ever see it drop.  While I would love to the opportunity to instantly get my gold back, the quest chain is really cool and I’d hate to deny someone else the opportunity to run it.  This is all easy to write when you’ve never seen it drop though.

Ten Things I’m Thinking About

  1. I ran ICC (10) with my new guild on Saturday.  I got to use the jet pack and fly to the enemy ship.  I like them already!
  2. My new guild uses DKP which will help eliminate random distribution of loot.
  3. I have zero DKP.  Getting drops early on will be tough if not impossible.
  4. Now that I’m on a DKP system and have zero points, I need to plan out my gear strategy.
  5. My new guild is working on Lady D in ICC 25.  This is the same progression point as the guild I just left.  Let’s hope it’s just holiday slow down.
  6. I like having a guild web-site with forums again.  It even looks like the members use them too.
  7. What’s the point of having “friends” if they won’t enchant your stuff for free.  Supply my own mats, really?
  8. I may need to run Forge of Souls with a set group rather than randomly pug it.  Even the warrior tanks roll need on the Needle-Encrusted Scorpion. Stupid off-spec!
  9. I wish people would just tell me the number of stacks, and send me exact number of mats they need for the new arrows. I’m tired of getting stacks of eternals with instructions to send them “a bunch of arrows”.
  10. My old guildies were very cool about my leaving.  They are a great group of people.  It’s hard leaving friends behind.

Good Hunting!

2 Comments on “MMQB: Starting Over”

  1. Never liked DKP. My guild recently switched to a modified epgp system, which is merit based like dkp, but doesn't punish new players quite as much and allows them to win loot after only maybe 2-3 raids.

    And I'm in a similar boat with the Scorpion trinket. I'm considering attempting to 2-man it with a friend to ensure that I'll win it.

    Anyway, good luck in your new setting.


  2. So far it's been good. On my first ICC (25) run with them we managed to clear three bosses. They had only gotten Marrowgar down prior to this.

    I prefer epgp to DKP. I've been told that folks here are good about passing on stuff and letting people get upgrades. That fact that I'm in a big DKP hole may not matter. We'll see.

    It was tough seeing Zod's drop, knowing I had zero chance at it.

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