MMQB: Feelin’ Hoth, Hoth, Hoth

It snowed this weekend; a lot!  It snowed so much that I don’t have to go into work on Monday.  I’m not talking about calling in with some lame excuse about my car or roads.  Nope, work called me and said we’re closed.  Woot!

Other than spending a total of five hours shoveling snow, the weekend was great.  I mean what better thing to do when your snowed in than play WoW.  And play WoW I did.  So as always here’s a recap of some things I experienced in the frozen wastes of Northrend this past week.


We continue to run TotC (25), and while I still enjoy it, it has definitely lost some of its luster.  The quest for a 2H weapon, Death’s Verdict and the fact that I love raiding are what keep me going in there.  None of those things dropped this week by the way.

Our 10-man team cleared ICC again.  Marrowgar, and the Gunship went a lot smoother this time around.  Lady Deathwhisper gave us some problems (we one-shot her last week).  I think we have our strategy for her down, and I expect we we will one-shot her from here on out.  Saurfang is just pain, but with enough practice I suspect that we’ll be making short work of him soon enough.  We have some issues staying spread out, but we’ve gotten the adds sorted out.

Our 25-man team actually made some progress this week.  We downed Marrowgar but got stuck on Lady Deathwhisper. We don’t have our strategy for her worked out just yet.  Unlike last week, we stuck it out for several tries so our team did get in some good looks.  Wiping is never fun, but it’s invaluable to the learning process.

I also brought my alt-Hunter into an ICC (10) run.  We didn’t get Marrowgar down, but we came close on several attempts, and got him below 50% most attempts.  I finished second on dps despite still wearing some blues; it was respectable dps too.  Are hunters great or what?

Gear Watch

I’m pretty happy just raiding for fun’s sake, but I’m even happier when there are shinies involved.  This was another solid week of upgrades.

I hit honored with the Ashen Verdict and now have a new ring, and more importantly new ammo!  The arrows are great and I have enough mats to keep myself supplied and my bank account flush.

No gear from 25-man Marrowgar, but I did get the Icecrown Rampart Bracers from the 10-man Gunship Battle and I earned enough badges to get my Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape.


I got my Merrymaker title which keeps the Violet Proto-drake is still on schedule for a May delivery.  I completed some of the achievements last year so I didn’t need to spend that much time doing things this year.  The With a Little Helper from My Friends achievement was surprisingly easy.  One Wintergrasp was all it took.  The Let it Snow achievement was probably the most “challenging”, if you can call it that.  Still the race/class combinations for this one were much better than some others.

I also got the Hail to the Chef achievement.  The Dinner Impossible achievement was all that I had remaining.  I actually stayed for each battleground rather than present the great feast and bolt.

Ten Things I’m Thinking About
  1. We’ve run ICC (25) with the “B+” team and the “A-” team.  Can we please run it with the “A” team?  I’ll even bring the Mohawk Grenades.
  2. I really like being able to supply myself with the new epic arrows.  It will hurt a little if I ever get a gun.
  3. I’m adding the Battered Hilt to the list of things I’ll never get.  It’s in good company with the polar bear mount and green proto-drake.
  4. The weekly raid quest was Patchwerk.  Our group did him in 25-man, so I was excited to see what my dps would be on him now.  I forgot to send my pet in to attack 🙁 .
  5. Prices for flasks are nearly double what they were in patch 3.2.  My flasks are empty, but my rage is indeed endless.
  6. I need new trinkets, if for no other reason than to pump up my imba and gear scores when I log out at night.
  7. Halls of Reflection is turning into everyone’s new hated instance.
  8. I wish I could turn Dalaran Cooking Awards into some other kind of currency.  Maybe I should just stop doing the cooking dailies.
  9. I wish I could convert Triumph badges directly to Heroism badges or any other lower badge for that matter.
  10. Shoveling snow sucks.

Quote of the Week

“Dark your survival right?  That means you have replenishment right?  So mana shouldn’t be a big issue for healers.”

This was said by our GM/healing priest as we were slogging our way through Marrowgar in ICC (25).  I chose to maintain “radio silence” as I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I respeced out of it to get moar dps.  Looks like I may need to add it back.

So that’s my week in review.  As far as the title goes you would think that real-life snow would be a slam dunk for a Northrendy title, but I’m just too much of a Star Wars guy.

Good Hunting!