Solo Farming Quel’delar

I had a nice post planned today on how to go about solo farming the battered hilt needed to start the Quel’delar quest.  I even had a link to a great video made by Vek’Nilash (EU) on how to do it as a Survival Hunter.

But alas, Blizzard has changed the rules again.  The good news is that they increased the drop rate for the hilt (by how much, I’m not sure). The bad news is they no longer drop off of the non-elite skeletal slaves in the Pit of Saron, which was the best source to solo farm the hilt.

Hopefully the increased drop-rate means I’ll actually get one to drop, or the prices on the AH will drop making it affordable.

Anyway, if you were planning to try getting the hilt off of the skeletal slaves (/points self) don’t bother.

Good Hunting!