The Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 6

This week, we cover the news: faction changes, the armor penetration nerf, 3.2.2, bestial wrath nerfbuff, trial of the grand crusader difficulty, the tier 9 set bonus bug fixes, and Darkbrew’s theories on management. We then answered some listener questions!

Episode 6 of the Hunting Party Podcast was also the first live show, however this caused no end of trouble for our producer because the audio synch was much worse on than it is on Skype. Until we can find something with as much quality as Skype that allows us to broadcast our voices and provides a chat room, we’re going back to canned podcasts.

As always, here is the Hunting Party Podcast feed, or here is the direct XML feed. If you email us comments or questions for Munken from Ensidia, we’ll ask him on the (hopefully next) show. Send an email to, and mention “podcast” in the subject.

If you don’t do syndicated podcasts (iTunes, or whatever) but just want to download this week’s MP3 and play it on your player of choice, click here.