Eight Simple Rules

Today’s post comes from my “Miss Manners” collection.  I’m going to begin a series on raiding etiquette.  This will in part be an extended version of a post I made called Don’t Just Raid, Be a Raider (and no, I’m not talking about the football team in Oakland).

Recently our guild got together and decided it was time to do some progression raiding.  We all sat down and came up with a list of rules that we felt everyone needed to follow if we wanted to succeed.  Below is a list of those rules.

In the coming days/weeks I’ll go into detail regarding each of these rules and why I think they’re necessary for successful progression raiding.  So without further ado, here are our eight simple rules.
  1. Please RSVP for the raid.
  2. Be on time.
  3. Come prepared.
  4. AFK’s will be raid wide.
  5. Use of Addons and Ventrillo.
  6. Enchants and Gems.
  7. Gear Requirements.
  8. Attitude.

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