My Name is Pasquale

You know the player that wants to raid, but who isn’t really well geared? The kind of guy you normally wouldn’t invite to the run, but it’s getting late, you need to fill a spot, and there are no other options?

The sort of fellow who takes five seconds to find Flash of Light on his toolbar, but has /roll macroed? You know the guy who, after downing the final boss, wins Light’s Justice by rolling a five? Yup…that’s me. My Name is Pasquale.

About a year and a half ago, back when our guild was still running Karazahn, I was asked to come in and “help” heal the second half of the instance on my Paladin.

Back in those days we were running it every week and really didn’t have much in the way of loot rules. In fact I’m not sure there were any loot rules. If you needed the item, you rolled on it.

In the group that night was a Holy Priest and another Holy Paladin. Both were those players main toons. We downed Shade and I got Pauldrons of the Justice Seeker. The other Pally needed them too. Later on I got Forestlord Striders from chess, because no one else needed them.

Finally we made our way to Prince. And as you can guess he dropped Light’s Justice. The priest who was our main healer, and needed the mace, rolled a two.

Since I also needed the mace, and since I had planned to start raiding more on my healer, and since good things come in threes, I entered a /roll. Instantly, in the yellow text we are all accustomed to watching for, the result came up. An epic five.

It was late, I was tired, and it just didn’t seem right that a two roll should get it. The loot master honored the roll and Light’s Justice was mine. I’m not exactly sure what the priest said to me afterward. You see I like to have the profanity filter turned on. All I know is that there was a bunch of $@#! symbols followed by the word you.

The priest in this matter is a good friend (I know with friends like these right?), and not a day goes by where he doesn’t give me crap about this.

I think I brought my Pally to two other raids after that. To make matters worse another six months went by before my hunter finally got his Stalker’s War Bands, despite everyone else in guild seeing them drop. Karma’s a bitch!

My name is Pasquale.


  1. I thought I'd never see those bracers drop. I have to say that LK has been pretty good to me so far.

    Then again, I haven't faced 25-man KT yet. Perhaps the worst is yet to come.

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