It’s Not Me, It’s You!

I was reviewing one of our WWS reports trying to figure out how, in this day and age of 5 – 6K hunter Patchwerk dps, I only manged to pump out 4,500 dps on this gelatinous mass.

My gear, talents and shot-priority are all pretty solid. After looking at the report I came to a couple of conclusions. First we only had 23 people on our attempt, so we were down a couple of dps, and two it took forever and a day to bring him down.

Both of these things add up to lower individual and overall dps. I don’t know all the math behind this, but I’m pretty certain that the more dps your other raid members can crank out, and the shorter your encounters, the higher your dps numbers will be.

I think it’s time we get in there with a full group and start producing. If I’m ever going to lose the roll on The Envoy of Mortality or Journey’s End it’d be nice to see it go to someone who was nipping at my heals on the meters.

At least we’re starting to have fun now!


  1. I'm not crazy- I checked twice and you're not in that WWS ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hunters do a buttload of front end DPS- in a 3 minute kill, we look awesome. Another factor is that without a full contingent of raid buffs and boss debuffs, we suffer more than most.

  2. lol, I was too lazy to blur out everyone's names, so I did screen cap from the 'anonymous' link.

    If I get a chance I'll do proper one :p

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